One hour into our lecture as Rose Marie and I were squinting at the low-contrast reflections on the black window pane of our classmates behind us and trying to guess who was who we saw a new figure stride in through the reflection. This new figure was wearing a green polo tee and he had a… bowl-shaped haircut.

“That’s very early,” Rose Marie remarked.

“OMG JOHN YOU CUT YOUR HAIR!” exclaimed Keng Hua the cheaterbug who did not rely on purely the reflection to determine who was who and instead turned around and declared himself the administrator of the game.

“That’s not John, that’s Peter,” I said.

Let me give you a brief history of John and his various twin/triplet/quadruplet brothers. One day last year a person who looked suspiciously like John came into Scheme lecture wearing a blue Science T-shirt, the one which says “If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the precipitate”. “Hi, I’m Samuel,” he said, offering his hand. “I’m from science fac.”

Ray Chuan was very confused. “But I thought you were John!” “No, I’m Samuel. Hi!”

Ray Chuan furrowed his brows. “So you’re not John?” “Noooo I am Samuel,” this Samuel dude asserted.

This would continue confusing Ray Chuan for the rest of the lecture till lunch as we walked to the canteen. “So are you John or Samuel?” “Samuel.” “Oh,” Ray Chuan said. “Nice to meet you,” he continued, offering his hand.

At this point Jesmond, Rose Marie and I burst out into laughter.

Fast forward to the present. We have found out more about this Samuel Goh who is taking double degree in science and psychology. Another brother has appeared named Peter and he is apparently a drop-out. There was also a Bob mentioned with John and Rose in one of the examples in the lecture slides who was apparently 33 years old while John was 19 and Rose 18. Who said twin/triplet/quadruplet brothers had to be the same age?

Today I declared this bowl-shaped-haircut dude to be Peter. Haven’t seen him for a while, after all. Peter wears polo Tshirts too, something neither John nor Samuel had ever done.

It took my self-declared Peter half a day to decide who he was. Finally, during calculus, he announced, “I am John 二!”

“You know the dude who calls himself Johnson?”  He continued.

“He’s actually John三.”


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