Ray Chuan defines maar

“What,” asked Alex disbelievingly, “is ‘maar’??”

Being the cult figure that I am, I have gotten about the whole Scheme gang to play Words With Friends. If you don’t already know, Words with Friends is this awesome Scrabble-like iPhone application. If you attend a common lecture with Scheme people and you see this bunch of people on the left of the lecture theatre hunched over their phones, you know what they’re doing. As a result, we have gone about discovering many new words we never thought existed in our desperate attempt to score more points. Maar being my discovery in my game with Alex.

Rose Marie decided to be helpful and checked it out on her laptop.

“Maar,” she recited, “is a circular volcanic landform resulting from explosive ash eruptions.” Definition from dictionary.com, by the way.

“No you know what maar is?” Ray Chuan interjected. We continued doing our own things.

“Maar is when this boy wants to be very irritating to his mum and he goes “maaaar”.”


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