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Tired of MSN dominating the messenger scene? Hate the new Windows Messenger interface? Frustrated with how MSN drops messages sometimes, as well as how Skype lags for a whole half hour before putting your message through? Well, CS2020 has the solution.


You will never need to rely on any lousy messenger client again, nor glare at your screen in rage when you realise that the Windows update you just installed separated your beloved old messenger cruelly from you. Your trusty old notepad will never change even after a thousand years. And no, you do not need to be forever alone to have .txt messenging.

Let CS2020 tell you how to do this: a shared dropbox folder with a notepad file that is titled “HI PEOPLES”.

Have the luxury of not having to respond to that permanently blinking task on your taskbar, distracting you from important work to do– all dropbox will do is post a friendly pop-up whenever someone saves the text file after they say something which fades after seconds. Choose to remain anonymous in the .txt file and assume various personae when you feel like it. Your true identity will only be revealed to genuinely curious people who check the dropbox website for the source of the latest updates. Which won’t be many, seeing that we all possess large amounts of inertia. Want to share a hilarious picture or song? What do you think a dropbox sharing folder is meant for in the first place? Say goodbye to an unreliable sharing system of MSN which threatens to fail every moment; instead, syncing is resumed even if you turn off your computer halfway and go to bed. Want more creative mediums of expression? No problem. Simply create an excel file or a google document and release the file or link among the truly childish ranks of cs2020. We will vandalise make a street art piece out of it in minutes. Like this:

Crave a philosophical discussion? Go ahead. As a unicorn in our .txt file put it, “If a unicorn makes a sound in the forest and nobody is there to hear it, did it make a sound?” It was shortly followed by “Joe likes the above comment”. There you have it, an all-in-one platform: Messenger, philosophy, art and facebook all together with just a notepad file and whatever medium you want to express yourself in. And a dropbox, of course.

So there you go, a truly revolutionary suggestion by the cs2020 batch of 2011. Never let yourself be subject to the whims of Windows again, especially when they make disasters of a decision to update your messenger. For who needs updates when you have notepad?

Edit: On another note, an excerpt of a conversation today when we went to Vivo to enjoy our free Ben and Jerry’s and dropped by the arcade after we got it:

As we watched Jesmond doing some out of the world dance on para para with our mouths open in awe and wonder:
Chervin, looking at me and Rose Marie: “Are you in love with him yet?”
John, with an absolutely mesmerized expression: “Yess…”



  1. Jesmond · April 13, 2011

    Lol seriously! What kinds of epic conversations are you guys having when I have my focus elsewhere le?

    • melodily · April 13, 2011

      Merely that John is now in love with you ^^ now you know. But then again as I said in reply to him, “You’re in love with everyone anyway.”

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