Little sec two boys

As we focused our full attention on not roasting to death in the stuffy LT whose 583-year-old air con has evidently broken down, we found that Alethea has her mind on quite a different matter that is not as basic as survival. Although you could argue that is still survival in the let’s propagate our species sense.

“Over thereeee”, she hissed. “Do you see him?? Beside the boy in the jacket?”

“You’re preying on sec two boys now?” Rohan asked rhetorically.

“WHERE WHERE” the rest of us went.

Imagine this scene: Ms Lim speaking to the general CAP audience, a whole lot of secondary and JC students sitting in the LT seats facing forward, while us councillors sitting on the aisle straining to get a glimpse of this mysterious suave sec two boy. CAP, by the way, stands for Creative Arts Programme, this seminar meant for student writers.

When Ms Lui came over Alethea hurriedly rushed over to her side, “Remember the P5 boy in CAP primary whom I said would be cute when he is sec two? Well, I found an actual sec two boy who is cute. You’ve got to sit in those chairs to get a good view of him.”

The offer to which Ms Lui kindly declined.


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