Who cares?

My sister, scoffing at some Sunday Lifestyle article where the writer worried about his daughter growing up to be vain and wanting to be America’s Next Top Model more than a Nobel Peace Prize Winner:

“What, I’ll rather have America’s Next Top Model too rather than some Nobel Prize.”

Yes, because who cares about some stuffy boring god-knows-what-for Nobel Prize when you have America’s Next Top Model? Because obviously being remembered for generations pales next to the glory of standing beside Tyra Banks and getting a cover spread in Elle Magazine.



  1. zoorado · September 25, 2011

    i’ve gotta say, nobel peace prize is about as much recognition as being on Elle Mag’s cover. when someone wins a nobel prize for physics, i’d say he’s a good physicist cos i wouldn’t be able to gauge his contribution to the scientific community by just looking at his papers. but when we look at aung san suu kyi, did she win a nobel peace prize? and on the other hand, who’s the dude who won it the previous year? =/


    • melodily · September 26, 2011

      To be sure I sort of lumped the whole Nobel Prize together and I think my sis did too. But if we were to talk about nobel peace prize alone, yes there has been quite some controversy over it, it is subjective often with a western/american point of view, and arguably (but I have no idea) not many people notice who wins — but aren’t we talking about aspirations here? To be comparing a reality tv show with an international award with a long standing heritage, and also not forgetting the point that award winners don’t exactly set out to win the award when they do what they do to win it — the former seems to be somewhat narrow as an aspiration. Not belittling the efforts of those who have worked hard to win the reality show, but the scale of each doesn’t seem comparable.

      • zoorado · September 26, 2011

        ‘…not forgetting the point that award winners don’t exactly set out to win the award when they do what they do to win it…’

        this i agree with. It kinda defeats the purpose of the nobel peace prize if one actually went all out to win it, and wins it. aspiring to change the nation, or the world for the better would be more PC.


  2. melodily · September 26, 2011

    apparently you can only have three layers of commenting here how funny (since i don’t see a reply link under your comment). Anyway yeah definitely more PC aha. I guess that’s what people are referring to when they talk about aspiring to win it and not actually it itself. Entertainment very important though, ANTM very much more entertaining than nobel peace prize ;D

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