The turn of the day

You never know how much you like company until you get it 😀

So yesterday was horrible; my body was waging some sort of holy war and a copious amount of blood was spilled. Literally.

“That’s TMI!” you tell me.

Fine, let us go back two sentences. Let me start again. So yesterday was horrible; my nose was wrecking a storm. Literally.

“That’s better,” you tell me.

Today it got off to a ringing start, literally, at the godly hour of I suspect 8am. The thing about PGP fire alarms is that they are overly concerned about the prospect of you being so deep in sleep that you cannot hear it, so they decide that by prolonging the duration of their shrilling there will not be a single soul who will fail to evacuate due to ignorance. They are right. Souls like me fail to evacuate due to pure certainty that nothing is going on.

Given that it was raining, I call that a reasonable assumption. Given also that nothing has ever happened, I call that a wise assumption as well.

Guess what? Nothing happened. Omg bet you didn’t see that coming.

I spent forever on my breakfast (did I mention my appetite has taken a nosedive too? Not literally. Although I don’t see how this can ever be literal), so much that I didn’t have time to go through what I wanted to ask the prof before my consultation. While I was waiting outside the prof’s office, a lady with the most unfortunate of voices called.

Picture a stick of Wrigley’s chewing gum. Put it in your mouth. Chew it. Now take it out. Now stretch it. And stretch it some more. And some more.

“Stop!” you tell me. “Any further and it will break!”

I promise you, her voice doesn’t. It goes on and on. At a very unfortunate, constant, draggy rate.

I saw my prof arriving back at his office. “I’ve got to go!” I tell the unfortunate lady.

The gum is still stretching.

“I’m sorry, I really got to go!”

I will insert some tildes to symbolise the rest of what happened. ~~~

Anyway after that the day went swimmingly well. Wait, let us cut out any metaphors of liquids. The day was solid.

Some nice things of the day:
Lester gave me some tissue for my cold and Adam asked me if I needed some more. And then we sat down for our usual weekly meal and I was feeling quite talkative so we crapped for two hours, disregarding my midterm tomorrow (although Rachel had a midterm right at six); Adam and I got tea and Rachel and Lester got apple yoghurt. I asked Adam how much it was and he said it was on him, which was nice; Lester asked how Rachel was going to pay him back, Rachel gave him a smile and told him that’s her payment. That made Lester go “That makes me feel like charging you more,” to which Rachel responded by bringing out her wallet while remarking that it’s probably redundant to do so. Which it was.

And we peppered each other with tales of nefarious schoolboy pranks, friend-zoned girls and smelly boys.



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