Trust my impeccable taste

The biggest problem you’ll find with reviews is, inevitably, ~spoilers~, as a certain lady from Doctor Who likes to say. However, I’ll like to take this opportunity to recommend a movie you should most definitely watch (without spoiling it):

This movie would never have been watched by the humble author if it wasn’t for the imbecility of our cinemas with regards to releasing A Dangerous Method. In fact, it almost wasn’t watched, because on the date when we checked for available movies, it wasn’t there.

Yes, you got it; a movie which won 5 Oscars this year couldn’t hold a match next to, I don’t know, The Lorax, or, to quote jx, “man on a fucking ledge”.

A few suggestions were considered:
“Hugo or Iron Lady choose one”
“I’ll prefer Hugo if it comes down to that”
“What about A Separation?”
-does a Google check-
“Uhhhh, looks damn emo” -hurries to look for another movie to get out of this one-

Why you should watch this film:
1. Seriously, how many chances will you get of watching a silent black-and-white movie in the cinema?
2. A non-emo one at that?
3. With a fabulous score?
4. And nifty use of camera shooting and certain effects we take for granted in movies nowadays?
5. Not to mention those heartbreaking facial expressions
6. It’s totally a French movie in English
7. Seriously, are you even still considering after the above reasons

I shall attempt to be a little more serious. Some spoilers here.

The movie starts off promisingly; it steps out of itself, metafiction style, to show a movie inside a movie– this should be an early clue that this movie won’t be trying to pretend that technology hasn’t advanced past the silent era. Indeed, as the movie progresses, you are surprised when foley effects (otherwise just sound you’re supposed to believe is from the scene, for the uninitiated) come on– this, I felt, was quite a stroke of genius– to surprise us with what is natural in movies nowadays, and use it for a purpose.

I love this movie so much.



  1. jx1992n · March 24, 2012

    Hai, misquoted much. But I approve muchly of The Artist

    • melodily · March 24, 2012

      DID I. or did you just forget! I shall plead faithfulness of spirit in that case, ahaha. We should watch more awesome movies in future, I liked Jane Eyre tooo

  2. Thomas Ang (@coqdorysme) · March 24, 2012

    did you notice that when she put her hand inside dujardin’s jacket to “hug” herself it was his hand on her hip?

    • melodily · March 25, 2012

      SERIOUS. I kept trying to shrug away the uncanny feeling that it was another hand, attributing it to her genius at acting– now you tell me I am DOUBLY CHEATED. What is this!!

  3. zoorado · April 15, 2012

    I watched what is considered one of the best silent films, von Stroheim’s Greed. Holy shit that was boring, besides the grotesque overacting which serves as comic relief in the first hour (cos you should not be able to get past the first hour; I don’t know how I did it).

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