My woman version of insecurity

It’s pretty common to hear people saying, “Oh, he doesn’t date girls taller than him because it makes him feel insecure.” Or smarter. Or more confident. Or anything that threatens his manhood, like maybe “girls who can stuff huge hamburgers whole in their mouths” since that’s totally the mark of manliness for me.

See? Epitome of manliness

Yesterday Karliang, or, as he likes to be known nowadays, Karl, showed us pictures of two guys for us to choose from for him. It was then I decided I had my own version of Insecurity, if aversion-that-needs-some-self-related-reason can be called that. It was dislike at first sight.

Fine, dislike is too strong a word. How about straight-out elimination?

The first guy was too buff.

Okay, it’s not an insecurity. It’s kind of hard to see me being buffer than any guy. Except those in the first seven years of their lives.

To some extent everyone has that threshold of buff-ness. Hardly new. My threshold, however, is evidently relatively low, since Kevy valiantly defended the buff-ness of the dude, and Yin Fei’s taste would always continue to baffle me.

I’m sorry, all kinda buff guys of the world. I just don’t like you. You have a suspicious look on your face. “What the heck,” you exclaim. “What does my highly desirable muscular body have to do with my face?” I might not be backed up by science, but somehow or other you dudes have the same kind of slimy look. “That is blatant stereotyping!!” you accuse. Yeah, not denying it. Soz.

But hey, any guy who spends five hours in the gym every day surely doesn’t have a good set of priorities. I mean, there are so many other things you can do! Like spending those five hours on the internet enriching your mind with philosophy!

Anyway I insist on calling that feeling of aversion I have insecurity since I can’t see myself being secure with slimy-looking guys with dubious priorities.

And if you were concerned about the guy’s chances with Karliang after being snubbed by me, don’t worry. Said dude’s already taken. Why Karliang even showed us his picture, though, seems to be an ominous sign for his future.


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  1. zoorado · June 13, 2012


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