The quest to save the world

A tale of two choices

“I was deciding between getting you a mansion and this,” Yoggi said. “I decided on this.”

Pang’s off-business identity

We’re playing Citadels, and for the uninformed, every round you get to pick a role that allows you to do special things like get more gold or kill people. Right at the start Pang gets a business call. We proceed on, but get stuck when nobody claims the role of wizard.

“I’m not the wizard!” Pang hollers from outside the room, while still on the call.

A few minutes later we face the same dilemma, only this time with the abbot.

“Yeah I’m the abbot!”

Once a merchant, always a merchant

“I’m the assassin again!” Yoggi exclaims. “I kill the merchant.”

Beside Yoggi, Hai Wei keeps a straight face. “I give you one try to guess who’s the merchant,” he offers. “Again.”

Private affairs

“Uh what are we doing now?” Pang pauses in the middle of his yoghurt-examining to ask the other six of us lounging around.

“Watching you buy yoghurt,” Yoggi speaks for the rest of us.

We decide to look at the smoked salmon instead to give Pang his much-needed privacy.

We have a bot for Citadels

Pang is still on his business call. We open his cards to help him play his turn so that the game can proceed. Based on that information, we help him decide what is the most logical decision he is likely to take. When the profession cards go round, we shuffle and pick a random one for him. After three rounds, “Pang” ends up with three rather expensive properties.

“Apparently randomness pays off in this game,” Jing Xian says. “The bot is winning.”

The OP Citadels bot

“It’ll be damn sad to lose to a bot,” Jing Xian says.

“Take comfort in the fact that all of us would have contributed to the win,” Rita tells him.

“Yeah, one-fifth of me beat all of me,” Jing Xian does the math.

I treat the train to erotica

“So, because girls apparently like being told what to do, the invisible man will be the one instigating the sex acts in public, which will face some resistance from the girl, but she will eventually give in,” I tell Yoggi and Jing Xian, who are listening with riveted attention on the opposite row of train seats. “At first Zhi Hua and I were thinking of some plot device to make the book PG because we had to figure out how the invisible man stayed invisible with clothes, but now that erotica’s all the rage, we don’t need to trouble with that anymore.”

Beside me, Rita and Zhi Hui are trying their best to lean as far away from me as possible.

“I offer to help you spellcheck,” Yoggi encourages my writing endeavours.

“Our only request is advance copies,” Jing Xian says.

50 shades: A dramatic reading

“Are you going to be Anastasia?” JX asks HW.

“I’m going to be the narrator,” HW claims the role. “Eh wait, the narrator is Anastasia.”

“You can be her inner goddess,” Rita suggests.

The living room doesn’t expand

“Hai Wei, run on the spot!!!” Jing Xian shouts to Hai Wei, who is doing the long jump obstacle on the kinect.

It was a little too late, because Hai Wei had already reached the front of the living room.

My volunteers are eager

“We’re going to do Kinect Adventures now, and we’ll start from the most relaxing activity to the most strenuous one,” I tell the rest. “Who wants to do 20,000 leaks?”

“Me!!” Rita is uncharacteristically enthusiastic.

“What about rally ball?”

“Me me me,” Hai Wei bounces to the stage in front of the kinect.

“What’s wrong with the last activity?” Yoggi asks.

“You’ll see,” Hai Wei says, knowingly.

A few minutes later Jing Xian and Yoggi are panting as they attempt the Olympian stage of Reflex Ridge. “Holy shit, the kinect is tiring,” Jing Xian gasps in between jumping up and dodging down to avoid the obstacles. By then Yoggi had no respect whatsoever for obstacles and was crashing through all of them as he jumped up and down to race to the end.

“THIS IS DAMN FUN,” he tells everyone.


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