The sunlight hardens in the gardens

The skies are grey today.

I sat up on my bed, prepared to be greeted with my usual sense of ennui in what is normally a baked oven of a PGP room (the smallness of my living quarters, the lack of ventilation, the myopia of narrow corridors with jarring right-angled turns so one can never be quite sure what lurks past the next corner, the boring cream colour plastered over every surface), but found instead the grey permeating through the windows. Open the curtains! Open the curtains! This semester I have an additional small window at the side, being the first room on the corridor. The grey was pleased; it formed a stream in from the main window that my desk is facing, out through the small side window. The panoramic view, however slight, snuggled against my neck and I stroked it, in what is a rare moment of reconciliation with an afternoon in my room. If the sun would come out less, I might work my way towards a truce with this place, no hard feelings.

Edit: I JUST FOUND OUT MY FAVOURITE OMU-RICE STALL IS GONE. That’s it, PGP, we are at war again.


One comment

  1. yashan · June 8, 2013

    pgp really comes to mind now. love your writing. I’m still sad that you have two blogs and I always miss out on this one cos I’m too lazy to look beyond lj friends page. hahah xx

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