A wise old sage conferring wisdom I will be this semester

So it turns out that I will be a teaching assistant this semester. I’m not sure what Prof Ben was thinking, given that I am, after all, the author of this post, but maybe he has a secret plot against the science students (as opposed to us superior computing students)? Or he thought that these kids were well beyond my evil machinations since they have outgrown the mirror stage a decade and a half ago. Not to fear, Zhi Xin can surely craft other experiments suitable for 20 year old kids!

In the latest episode of teaching shenanigans: right now the TAs have not been assigned students yet, as the enrollment list has not been confirmed. Yet missions and trainings have been released, and our enthusiastic students have already been hard at work on them. (“Wow!” you think. “It has only been a day since the first lecture! And 3 more days till the deadline!” Goes to show the power of gamification. We were the same slaves three years ago. Oh, those months… no wonder they say gaming is evil.) In this brief unstable period, marking of scripts is up for grabs — if you see ’em, mark ’em. Unfortunately, even though tutors don’t have an exp bar this semester (back in the JFDI days tutors were competing against each other to level up), every time I visit the Submissions page all the submissions have either been evaluated or are undergoing evaluation. If we were back in the JFDI days we know who would be lagging behind in levelling.

Which makes the latest email by Prof Leong a mystery:

Please help to mark the pending Mission 0 submissions … they are stacking up … and the students get nervous …
Especially those of you who have not marked any so far, it’s a good time to start!

Where are all these stacked scripts?? Who are all these nervous students, who could not even tide over at most 6 hours of waiting for results?? Will Prof Leong be an even more legendary slave-driver than Prof Ben, who mandated 24h marking?? We can only wait to find out.

In the second latest episode of teaching shenanigans, the first question Prof Leong asked when she started her meeting: “Do students even listen these days?” She elaborated, “My level 4000 module students are perfectly nice and attentive!” When asked about the class size of that module, she replied, “30.” That’s less than a fifth of the students in this module, sadly. I’m not a fan of the huge class size either; 60 back in my time of Scheme (back in my time, lol) was a far cosier number. I KNEW HALF OF EVERYONE. THOSE WERE THE GLORIOUS DAYS.



  1. Ben Leong · January 17, 2014

    I got legendary slave-driver meh? 🙂

    • melodily · January 17, 2014

      Your name is in the hall of fame I can assure you ;D

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