Help! I’ve fallen in love with this girl, but what do her responses mean?

Sister Sympathetic is now my new job this semester. Y’know, when you are tired of talking to aunts, and want a sister instead to spill your troubles to (aunts are so naggy, after all.) Direct all your problems to me, and expect incisive replies that will provide the balm to your wounded heart. You may either comment on this post or use for anonymity. Sister Sympathetic is always around!

Given my high efficiency, I will be starting work immediately with the following letter.

Help! I’ve fallen in love with this girl, but what do her responses mean?

Dear Sympathetic,

I got to know this girl a few months back, and as we interacted with each other, I found myself increasingly moved by her personality. She’s great to talk to and, even better, she plays games with the bunch of us. We have been whatsapping each other regularly, which I took to be a positive sign for her interest in me. However, lately she has been taking longer and longer to reply. Once, I whatsapped her at 3AM (and I know she hasn’t slept), but she did not reply! I was hurt, so the next morning I sent her another message joking about her rudeness. Another time I remarked about the long intervals between my messages and her replies. Her response to that seemed testy. I don’t understand why! I told her I was joking, so she shouldn’t take it so seriously. Am I doing something wrong? Is she secretly interested in me?


Dear Perplexed,

Not to fret! I think these are definitely positive signs signalling her interest. After all, you did say you’ve been exchanging messages for such a period of time! If she seems to be taking longer to reply, it could be that she is unsure of your interest, and wants to reassure herself with your frequent messages that you are interested as well. By pointing out to her her “rudeness” and remarking about her long reply times, you are making her nervous because it shows that you have noticed her abnormal behaviour, and are that close to catching her.

What you should do now is to increase the frequency of your messages, whether she’s replying or not. She needs the assurance of your reciprocation, and what better way to do so than to continuously text her? Even better, you should call her and find her! Girls like men who take the initiative. You should also continue alerting her to your observations of her reticence. Do not cease to ask her why she is doing so. Every question or remark by you along those lines is one step closer to unlocking her buried feelings, and one day, in response to your questions, she will finally buckle and confess! Furthermore, after all that attention you’ve paid her, it’s only right that you expect her replies to be prompt.

In a nutshell: amp up your attention! Never let her be alone and doubtful of your affections. I wish you all the best, and hope that the next time you write you have good news.

Always here for you,
Sister Sympathy


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