The model son-in-law

Let it not be said that Zhi Xin never writes an entry during momentous occasions. Like, in this case, Chinese New Year. It is true that the significance endowed upon such occasions ends up daunting her too much for her to wield her nifty pen. But who can blame her for that, I ask? Who?

In order to prove my courage, I have decided to document select parts of this year’s Chinese New Year.

1. CNY Eve

Tis a wonderful day indeed when you get a couple of about-to-expire movie tickets in Cathay’s Platinum Suite, and who have I chosen to bestow this wonderful honour of the other ticket? You guessed it, none other than the very deserving boyfriend! Girlfriend with benefits indeed.

Anyhoo, these tickets were gifted by the apparently very busy parents, who had them for one whole month and did not make use of them until they realised that they had a total of two days left. They cast their vision around and spied with their little eye a wandering Zhi Xin. Their generosity blossomed within their cavernous chests.

“Hey, you!” They waved the voucher. “This is for you! Use it tomorrow! We don’t know if it’s valid on CNY!”

I took a look. “Why don’t you guys use it instead?”

“We, we too busy!” They said. “If we watch, who’s going to prepare your reunion dinner?”

“Well,” I retorted. “Why didn’t you use it before?”

“Oh, I don’t like watching movies in theatres.” They claimed. “Makes me dizzy.” etc.

LCY and I had never watched a movie in the platinum suite before, and so were very curious about the experience. The photos on the website primed us to expect business class seats, the only difference being the big-screen in-flight entertainment. We ventured forth to the normal ticketing counters, got redirected to the Platinum counters, and got 2 tickets for the very lol-worthy “I, Frankenstein”. We peered at the price. $55, paid for by the voucher.

“No outside food and drinks allowed,” the lady told us. “Not even from here,” she waved in the direction of the usual popcorn and drinks counter.

Okay plebeian coke, you are not allowed to cross the threshold of this privileged temple.

“The lounge opens an hour before the movie starts. There will be complimentary drinks inside the theatre.”

Livin’ it up

Rita is jealous of our shiny blankets

The verdict? Best movie experience EVER. There was nobody else in the theatre. We had the whole place to ourselves. True, the air conditioning went kooky, but with those thick shiny blankets, who cared? There were so many things we could have done on our bucket list such as jumping on every seat, had we ever thought we would have the luxury of a movie theatre to ourselves, but we were caught unprepared. What did we do instead? We made complete use of the empty cinema and squeezed into one seat.

Yeah, we had the whole cinema to ourselves and we chose to squeeze in one seat.

In our defense the seats were very far apart.

…It was cold and we needed each other’s warmth?

When shown these pictures, the dad could only say, “I REGRET.”

2. The model son-in-law

This CNY we went to each other’s houses, and lcy was determined to be praised they did in New Moon Abalone advertisements:

He did not want to buy into these advertising tactics, however, and decided on a more glorious way: travelling to a -18 degree celcius freezer warehouse in that godforsaken place Sembawang to get us the sashimi for louhei.

It might have been the temperature, but he went a little crazy in there. He ended up with 1kg of sashimi, a packet of breaded calamari, huge frozen scallops and two packets of frozen soup.

This was 1/3 of the sashimi we had.

This was 1/3 of the sashimi we had.

He also came with three extra packets of crackers, because he complained that he never got enough with the given packet.

When it was time to pour the crackers, his face lit up. “Finally!” he exclaimed. “I have enough crackers!” That indeed looked to be true, because we could only see crackers and nothing else underneath. It was a mountain of crackers. His face was the pinnacle of delight. He thought he could savour his hard-bought crackers. Slowly and surely they would all belong to him.

Alas! He little counted on the two little devils belonging to my cousin. Their little faces lit up as well when they saw the heap. When lcy went back for his second serving, he found that there was hardly any on the big plate. Beside the big plate was a small one, heaped with those objects of desire.

“Did someone help me take my crackers?” he wondered, for that brief elusive moment of hope.

That was not the case. Instead, it was my hardworking cousin-niece, who had been picking cracker by cracker with her chopsticks since the louhei ended.

The world rewards perseverance after all.


Maybe the world’s largest Hershey’s chocolate bar would help to heal his broken heart.


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