Iguana Ellie Goulding, and foodporn

“Give us a ‘doing’ post, Zhi Xin!”

“What, as opposed to a ‘thinking’ one?”

“Yes! After all, isn’t that what your life is all about, you vacuous placeholder!”

“…Guilty as charged. Will proceed to follow instructions.”


Ellie Goulding Concert


Rita claimed that Star Vista belonged to New Creation, and that it was supposed to look like Noah’s Ark. “What! It looks like a spaceship!” I exclaimed, flabbergasted. LCY once told me that he and his friends decided to have dinner there on the last day of 2012 in case it was the end of the world, because a spaceship might come in handy if so. Anyway, I just did a simple Google search and found that it was actually just owned by CapitaMalls like about every other mall in Singapore, so that makes the story a whole lot less exciting. Nevertheless, I agreed that the corridors outside the balcony where our seats were possibly looked like the ramps leading up to the ark, so that theory was not entirely without basis. And I guess a spaceship is the twenty first century’s ark.

Before we went inside, we wondered whether the additional $20 we spent on the ticket (we had $91 seats) was possibly worth it. “Well if we bought the cheapest tickets, she’s going to look like half an ant,” Rita said. “Maybe now she’ll look like an ant.” “But if she’s going to look like an ant anyway…” I trailed off. An ant by any other size would look as puny, to misquote Shakespeare horribly. As we scaled the many escalators up, Rita enumerated the various sizes Ellie could be: “A lizard! If we’re lucky, an iguana!”

Aaaaaand I’m pleased to say that Ellie achieved the size of an iguana. We didn’t even need a TV screen to see her! I must commend the designer of that theatre for possibly the best performing arts theatre I’ve seen with that sort of a capacity (5000 seats, according to the website). The view was amazing, even though we were holding class C tickets. If you go for the Mastercard theatre at MBS it was like the designer wanted to pound your head on the side of the banister screaming “THAT’S WHAT YOU GET FOR BUYING CHEAP TICKETS! YOU DESERVE TO SEE ONLY THE CORNER OF THE STAGE!” Disclaimer, though: I had the lowest class seats for Mastercard, so for all I know the lowest class seats in The Star are just as bad, because fuck you for wanting to go for a concert without wanting to spend more than the minimum.

As to the concert itself — spectacular. I don’t know how she does it, but her voice stayed tip-top through the whole concert. I also especially enjoyed her infectious dancing; it made me feel like she could step into any club and instantly capture a dozen boys’ hearts with those moves. ELLIE CERTAINLY GOT MINE ❤

I’m secretly a boy.

“Aren’t you a Singaporean? You think you better than us because you never take food pic? Never tell Facebook what you eat? Huh?”

“I’m sorry I’m sorry I will go reflect upon myself T.T”



In the one plus year I’ve been dating LCY I’ve “LOVE HOUSE LOVE CROW” as the literal translation of that chinese chengyu goes. That chinese chengyu just means that because you love the house, you love everything about it, including the crow that roosts on the roof dropping smelly droppings. Or something. Ok maybe that’s not exactly it, but some of his favourite food has become my favourite as well, and some of them are kind of like our staples. Maybe a more accurate idiom would be THE WAY TO A MAN’S HEART IS THROUGH HIS STOMACH, since I fell even more in love with him after all these food dates. Let me present to you these HUMBLE BUT VERY DELICIOUS FOOD:

1. Din Tai Fung

Ok so maybe that wasn’t entirely accurate. We both love the first (who doesn’t love xiao long bao??); the second dish, fried rice with egg, is lcy’s favourite, while mine is this noodle with special sauce (that’s probably just spring onions, light and dark soy sauce and some oil). IT IZ DELICIOUS I love it very much.

2. Crystal Jade

La Mian with shallot oil (cong you la mian)

You have to try it to believe it. I know, one usually goes for the more elaborate choices, like maybe zha jiang la mian, but this trumps that. It’s pretty low risk to try since it’s one of the cheapest noodles on the menu, and you can thank LCY afterwards.

3. Snackz it

I was pretty averse towards fried food in the past, while LCY is the world’s greatest fried food lover. So I went over to the dark side which explains why I have a tummy now. Blame it all on the boyfriend!

LCY loves the fried calamari, which is the one on the left. Recently we tried fried mushrooms as well, which turned out to be pretty delicious too. Then again, mushrooms are pretty much delicious all the time. Just like eggs.

4. Blackball ice

Taiwan has so much good food T.T The iced version of BlackBall means you never want to try any other variation of it. Which is what I did. I never tried any other variation. Except for the cold one, which was actually room temperature by the time it was delivered to my house by Rita, so that could have been a factor.

5. Itacho Sushi

Ok I’m alone on this one; my boyfriend says all sushi taste the same to him. He’s kind of against sushi that way. He thinks they are overpriced, which is quite true, but WE HAVE NO RIGHTS WE HAVE NO SAY AND WE LONG TO BE FREE ONE DAY.

I particularly love Itacho’s salmon skin sushi (40 cents each), their roasted salmon sushi and their lobster mango salad sushi. And anything with salmon, probably. Everything I’ve tried with salmon from Itacho has been great, so I’m going to stick with that until proven wrong.

Anyway that’s it for now, although I also love a lot of other food. I PROVED MY SINGAPOREAN STATUS. NOBODY EVER DARE QUESTION IT NOW.


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