CMU is kinda third class in this aspect

I’m going to CMU in the fall for my masters, or at least I am supposed to, unless, by the overwhelming probability caused by the extreme inefficiency of its administration, I don’t manage to.

Here is the running list of delays I have suffered in the hands of their administration:

  1. They cannot find my application.
  2. They never reply to emails. Hence, the email in which I asked if they had processed my application all the way back in February, was lost in a land of truncated signals.
  3. They only informed my school administration about this when they dropped by for a day in mid May.
  4. Ten days and an attached receipt from my application later, they finally found it, and attributed the cause of it being missing as me submitting “too early”.
  5. They cannot find my recommendation letters, so they asked if I sent it through courier or email.
  6. They did not reply to my answer to that question, so I had no way of knowing if, after receiving my reply, it made any change to their status of finding the missing letters.
  7. They sent important visa forms and acceptance letters through email to everyone else but me.
  8. They then sent only the visa form to me, after ten days of sending it to everyone else. My acceptance letter was still missing.
  9. Questions about its requirements were never answered.
  10. Two weeks, many emails, many missed calls, and an email to my own school administration about the radio silence later, they finally confirmed that the recommendation letters were missing.
  11. Two weeks after receiving the visa form, they sent an email saying that my letter of financial support was not usable as iDA had mistakenly put “undergraduate” instead of “graduate”. They also have no clue that the duration of my program is 1.5 years instead of the usual 2.
  12. No reply to my reply to their email. The receptionist also refused to put me through to the officer-in-charge.
  13. They only sent me my admission ID, needed for my CMU account for health history forms due on 30th June, after being badgered multiple times.

Considering that its fees are more than 7 times of NUS’, since its administration is about 20 times worse than NUS (and about 100 times worse than SOC’s, which has the darling angel in the form of Ms Toh), its courses better be 140 times better to make up for it. Or in other words, not gonna happen.

On an after note: I would like to thank everyone else from Singapore for being world-class standard — everyone has replied to my emails on the day I send them, and speedily processed everything I had the need for. Thank you.


One comment

  1. Ben Leong · June 27, 2014

    Have a good trip and stay safe! 🙂

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