The queen is baaaack

Before I launch into the things that I’ve been doing, you should check out the app that I have been working on for the past 3 months – it’s in the play store, over here:

splash screen

It’s a game consisting of several very short mini games, each at most 2 to 3 minutes, and you get to learn many cute things about the rainforest that you probably didn’t know about before unless you’ve been watching lots of documentaries. For example, did you know that the acacia tree produces food for the acacia tree ants that have no other known function? That’s how much acacia trees love their ants.

Watch the developers (us) talking about it here:

We also have a mini game that you are sure to love – a game where shrews poop into pitcher plants. ^^

In the short span of time that I’ve been back, LCY and I went to have our eyeballs cut, otherwise called LASIK. One day before the surgery I was asking LCY what they were going to do.

“They will kiap* your eyelids open so that you can’t close your eyes, and then pull your eyeball out slightly to cut the outer layer,” he said.

*in this instance, kiap means holding your eyelids open by force. Kiap can also be used in other instances like kiapping a crab pincer, which means using the nutcracker to break open its shell.

To provide some context, I have never undergone surgery of any sort before, nor have I been a patient at a hospital since the age of 1. As you can see, this is a picture of a zhi xin about to have her eyeballs pulled out:


We were operated by Dr Julian Theng, who was a very reassuring doctor who counted down the time to when the pressure on your eyeballs would stop among other things. LCY has a crush on him because he looks so dashing for his age, which we calculated to be above mid 40s. He was also a national team tennis player in his youth, in addition to presumably being top of his med school class in order to get his cushy eye specialist job. Mad props.

There are two types of LASIK offered by his clinic (Eagle Eye Centre), Epilasik and bladeless lasik. Epilasik is when they exfoliate your eyeball until they can access the stroma, and bladeless lasik is when they create a flap on the “skin” of your cornea to access the stroma before covering the flap back. We chose the latter because it had a faster recovery process and was supposedly less painful. In fact, it was painless during and after the operation! We could immediately see clearly after the operation, and besides having to put eyedrops every 3 hours, could basically resume all our activities. I played a lot of Pokemon after the operation and evolved my combusken. I also managed to catch an abra right before I got called into the operating theatre, which I was very delighted about. All in all, a rather successful day.

after the operation

A beaming zhi xin who is so glad she isn’t blind

LCY made me donate my glasses after the operation, so I don’t even have them to habitually put on anymore. Perfect vision is so cool omgbbq.

Dr Julian Theng also gave us a signed copy of his book for presbyopia so that we’ll go back there when we are old. LCY shows his personalized message proudly to everyone.

presbyopia julian theng


Anyway if you are thinking of doing LASIK I’m here to reassure you that it was a super short and painless process, only 10 minutes per eye, and it’s good to get it done earlier so that you have more years of perfect vision before presbyopia sets in. Since it’s your eye you don’t see it getting pulled out so you just have to stop yourself from imagining it…

Oh I was going to end the post but I thought I’d just put pictures of some of the food I’ve been having. Because IT’S GLORIOUS BEING BACK IN A LAND OF FOOD EVERYWHERE SO MUCH VARIETY 24/7



We also tried the Korean fiery chicken noodles which were super shiok* while in the process of slurping but rather hellish about 30 seconds after swallowing. We finished all the milk left in my house after that.

*Like awesome but better.

This photo post was self indulgent but I HAVE NO REGRETS.


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