When I met you in the summer

I would embed Calvin Harris and make him play automatically, but summer just ended so I guess I need to hunt for an autumn song instead.

I’m back in Pittsburgh. While on the plane and planning what to do when I land, I had in mind the following thoughts:

  • Dollar General for eggs and the like
  • Giant Eagle for other groceries
  • omg Carnegie library before all of that

Carnegie library! The best library I have the honour of borrowing from! All the books I tried fruitlessly to find time and time again in the Bugis library were found right on my first visit after the hiatus! The best thing about Pittsburgh! (Sorry ETC)

One of the books was this:

Ha ha as you can see from the small text on the bottom it has BDSM inside. No, I have not read 50 shades. I have also not watched it. Let’s just say I was interested in this topic from a better-written standpoint. Although I wasn’t prepared for a downright erotica which is this book LOL

Maybe that’s why I couldn’t find it in NLB.

But then again, I found Tropic of Cancer in NLB and that’s the dirtiest book I’ve read, so dirtiness of content is obviously not the reason. Perhaps it’s cos the book kills off any appetite for sex? Weren’t they supposed to promote a higher birth rate?

Anyway if you’re interested I went to Dollar General first for eggs. Carnegie Library was second. Finally I went to Giant Eagle so I could buy $4 ben and jerry again.

In case you thought I did nothing in the summer, that’s… basically right. Except for that website I helped Singapore Contract Bridge Association do to access and edit their tournaments database, I spent some of my unfortunately very limited time playing Gone Home, Shadowrun Returns, Invisible Inc, Don’t Starve Together, Kingdom Rush, and of course my daily favourite League of Legends. You should try them when you also have an unfortunate amount of limited time. I do not regret a single minute. Ok, maybe a few minutes on that last game.

Oh, and I celebrated my birthday!

birthday 2015

I am v pleased with the 24 pictures of me on this 24 sign and the earl grey cake which were proudly presented to me by Zhi Hua and Rita respectively.

I am also the proud owner of a skateboard given by the darling. Too bad it’s lying in Singapore because I felt sure that if I brought it here and tried to skate down this road I would be knocked down by a car.



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