The motley of characters in our LoL gang

As I grow older, the urge to express diminishes, especially when I have this convenient vehicle (cough lcy cough) to dump all my emotions and opinions on. It’s great for my mental health, but clearly not great for my creative output, which is approximately 0 at this point in time. Evidently repressed emotions are great for producing some form of art.

I’ve also grown more private, which I think stems from the utter security I feel with regards to where I am in life right now, in terms of social and material needs, etc.

In a conscious attempt to share more about my life, I’m going to introduce everyone to my league of legends gang, which claims the dubious award of being the group of friends I spend the most time with, by virtue of our shared interest/obsession, whichever way you wish to look at it.

#1 lcy
Our resident jungler and peanut-wannabe (SKT’s, best team in the world, jungler). Since he is after all my husband, he needs no introduction. This man has been playing for 6 hours straight today; his stamina is wondrous. But then again, you’re looking at Singapore’s pro-bridge player who just endured a 9 day bridge marathon (matches starting at 9am and ending at 7pm every day) with Asia’s best, so mental stamina is a given.

#2 HRHritaaa
The platinum-ranked player that looks down on us golds/silvers/bronzies from her lofty throne. The three of us — lcy, rita, and I — started playing league at the same time, but rita has left us in the dust of her heels (I’m last in the race, unfortunately). She likes playing support best and mid second. Always disconnects at the start of the game and reconnects within the next three seconds, as a sort of ritual to the internet gods. So far it has worked. When we queue and the accept phase fails, we shout “RITAAAA” even when she’s not queuing with us. Because 100% of the time she’s the one who failed to accept. Or so we say.

#3 lightningcrab
He has an assortment of weather-seafood accounts, like fogfish, thunderclam, etc. More than half the time he can be found on the TW server, performing the role of uncle agony. Mains support and top, the same roles as me. If the two of us are playing in the same game, he will pretend to ask me what role I want, to which I will answer “support”, and then proceed to reply, “Actually I want to play support today”. The question is a lie.

#4 wacqy
Our ADC. Besties with #3. Once he gave an ultimatum to crab to choose between TW server and him; TW server was chosen, so they were ex-besties for a night. When I support him, it sometimes happens that he dies, I remember I have a skill that I haven’t used, and I get the kill after using said skill. Lcy thinks that’s my strategy for not being accused of KSing, since it’s not KS if your adc is dead. Lcy is paranoid.

#5 weedee
Our mid. He used to be a one-trick pony with a godlike malzahar, but he has since added two more champions to his pool, syndra and ziggs. (I freely confess I am a zero trick pony.) Once a salty yasuo on the other side said “PRESS R ONLY I ALSO CAN” (R is the key for a rather long suppress, equivalent to a stun). I guess the yasuo can only press R and not the number key for the qss, which is an item he can get to cleanse himself of the suppress. Regularly cycles 30km in an hour, except today, when the 3pm time he gave us for being back at home to play ended up being 6.30.

#6 lelouch
He quit for a while, but it seems he’s back. Doesn’t have a mic, so is more mysterious than the rest. Can be put at practically any role. We haven’t tried having him as support, but that’s cos we have an abundance of those, if you couldn’t tell.

And so that’s the league bunch. We actually only knew rita and weedee in real life before this; weedee knew crab, crab knew wacqy, and I think crab and wacqy knew lelouch?? Anyway this is the magical power of multiplayer online games. The first time all of us met was in lcy’s and my house, because we decided to invite some random strangers. Our origin story is the stuff of animes. Probably.


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