La belle dame sans merci

Was watching Season 6 episode 5 of Downton Abbey, and I feel just as intensely towards the show as in the beginning.

Mary Crawley’s my favourite, and I would love to be more like her — sure of herself, commanding, ambitious. This episode there was a moment that could have changed her entire family’s lives, and the conclusion she got out of that was — she had to be ready to lead. Then a scene of her, alone, framed by the columns of her house, her estate, her empire.

Perhaps I’d write a longer post on the richness of this show, how much there is to love about it. Part of it has to do with my fascination with the lives of the old English upper class (which came first, my enjoyment of english lit or my fascination?), but more than that, this show just expresses so much love towards all the household members. It doesn’t hurt that everything is gorgeous in this show — the house, the land, the costumes, and the cinematography showing the best of it. The beauty makes me ache.


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