the stars in santa cruz, the wives in california

Currently riding on the happiness of finding a band I kept trying to hunt on Spotify, but failed to do so until just this night. Back in the days before Spotify took over my music-listening habits, I used to have a local library of about 30GB, and would listen to that whole library on shuffle on my commutes to and from school, and during nights where it was just me and the streetlamps outside.

This album I would loop while furiously trying to finish uni coursework. I first heard this band while attending a Stars concert in Santa Cruz; they were one of the bands travelling with Stars, and were so obscure (still are?) I couldn’t even find much of an online presence. Nevertheless I bought their album on the spot, after they played just 3 tracks in that concert. For me this album will always remind me of cold Santa Cruz nights, rainy nights heavy with fog, 5am nights walking back from a good chunk of life debugging C code in the lab. Being utterly, deliriously happy by myself, sometimes missing vestiges of romance I left behind in Singapore, what with the upside down topsy turvy time zones.

It feels like the people closest to me are so different from me. Where will I find my fellow literature/game/english-and-mandarin-music/art/nature-loving BFF? Or maybe Santa Cruz was teaching me to find some of my most memorable experiences through venturing out by myself… To remember queueing for an hour for a front row standing experience rocking next to my favourite band with a $30 ticket.


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