I dislike gummy bears. I like birds as a concept.

My name is Zhi Xin and I write poetry which can be found on . I’m not a fan of bodily realities, preferring instead to reduce the human body to a mind. If the world would go my way, we wouldn’t need to eat, nor shit, nor breathe, though I suppose breathing is unobtrusive enough to remain. In such a world, we wouldn’t need anything; only wants will exist. Which means: no currencies, no civilian duties, community-mindedness. The only crimes will be thought-crimes of mistaken belief. In short, if the internet took over the world, I would be right at home.

Drop me a note, especially if you share my beliefs. We should form a religion.



  1. Lily · January 19, 2013

    I like your idea. I feel like my belief of afterlife is sort of like that. Just minds and spirits. No need to eat or anything. Just perfected beings. Ahh we’ll see what happens…
    Anyway, I like your blog a lot! Thanks for following mine 🙂

    • melodily · January 19, 2013

      I see a fellow enthusiast. We now need a sacred area to offer sacrifices and chant to enhance our auras of the mind. Also, a symbol to burn into our useless flesh so that we can summon other enthusiasts.

      I love your sense of humour! You blog so regularly you must tell me how you think of something new every day, please bestow me your secrets oh powerful one

      • Lily · January 19, 2013

        Hah umm sometimes I blog regularly..other times I’ll only post a couple things per month. I try to think of things that I would want to read. Something short and sweet, ya know? Thanks so much for the sweet compliments! You’re too kind!
        I’m all for the chanting…

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